Agony Of The Dead -A Monchielle

Developed by Jim T. Henriksen, a Monchielle has the following guidelines:

  • The poem contains 4 stanzas
  • Each stanza has five lines
  • Every line has six syllables
  • Every first line is repeated and comes back as the other stanzas’ first line
  • Line 3 and 5 in every stanza rhyme
  • The rhyme scheme: Abcdc Aefgf Ahiji Aklml (the capital A is a repetition; c:c does not rhyme with f:f nor i:i nor l:l)

I rest upon my grave

Among withered flowers,

Whom I never held close,

My only companions

Now, who aren’t so morose.


I rest upon my grave

In deep, abysmal peace,

Although, I would rather

Console my little son

Mourning his dead father.


I rest upon my grave,

Dry-eyed in memory

Of once a handsome man

Parading his presence

Before his entire clan.


I rest upon my grave

A mere guise of myself

On a hard earthy bed

Sought after when alive,

Superfluous when dead.


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