Mahakavi – A Bio

A bio poem is about someone’s life, personality traits, values and ambitions. It can be autobiographical or biographical.


  • 12-20 lines (can be stanzaic)
  • 8-12 syllables per line
  • nonrhyming

Sporting a Sikh turban and dapper mustache,

I reigned the hearts of many an Indian,

I spoke their minds and spurred their actions

Through the wizardry of my pen on paper.


Electrifying poems in my mother tongue,

Sparked indignation against suppression,

Set imprisoned minds on the path to freedom,

Like a caged bird that revolts defiantly.


Several hoary issues of yesterdays,

That lay arrested in an ignorant land,

Received their long-awaited deliverance,

When my heart joined hands with my pen.


I dreamt not, of awards or fame,

Nor could walk a long way to get one,

‘Twas enough that my small role on His stage,

Was greatly praised in my motherland.


My sparkling gems in different themes

May adorn Tamil texts for ages hence,

The journey of Mahakavi Bharathi

Will be retold with pride to every son.


Author’s Note:

This poem is a humble tribute, a rather miniature attempt, to capture the essence of his greatness and salute the immortal Bharatiyar.

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