Mother Earth

An unending spectrum of diversity

Which never ceases to surprise us

Whose marvellous aura mesmerizes us

Anytime or corner we travel to see her.


A loving heart beats in her vast chest,

Which gives life even to her inconspicuous child

She bears tempers of nature, mild or wild

For her children to have a peaceful rest.


The brisk rivers gurgle in a proud mother’s lap

The varied greens sway to her bouncy tune,

And come to a halt near a warm, shy sand dune

Or stand frozen when they reach her extreme ends!


Though mostly patient and placid with everyone

She sometimes starts to groan and rumble,

Causing her kith and her kin to break and tumble,

Her anger bursts forth and spares no one.


It is indeed sad but a glaring truth of the day,

We take all that she has to offer and leave it for none

It’s time we realize, she is a mother for generations to come

Hence, make a choice to amend or live with her stern ways.

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