Rebirth #Poem for the Pride Month #Ode

An Ode is a poem written in praise of something or someone. It can be rhyming or non-rhyming. This poem is written to accept and assert upon the rights of LGBTQIA+ community and to make the society aware that they are like anyone else.

‘She’ stands surreptitiously behind

Curtains that fail to conceal

Her lithe frame from the crowd,

Thirsty for gossip than sugary tea.


‘She’ winces at the sardonic glances,

Stripping her of guarded dignity

Theatrical advances of love annoy her,

Just as much as a show of pity.


In a cracked mirror there, ‘she’ sees

Hardly any blemishes on her lovely frame

If it could hang without being discarded

Then, for a pride parade, ‘she’ was game.


‘She’ challenges numerous theories of love,

Expounded for Romeos and Juliets

And phony rules made in the name of God,

That consider her to be a threat.


‘She’ steps out in defiance

Shunning the monochrome human sea

A colourful universe beckons her,

To pursue limitless possibilities.



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