Show Don’t Tell

Guess the title for the following situations- ‘Show don’t tell’ describes the reactions to a particular situation rather than directly expressing it. 

1- Sam hurriedly parked his car in the basement of the mall. He got out quickly and took the stairs two at a time to the restaurant on the third floor. He glanced around excitedly as he entered the restaurant and looked at his watch for the umpteenth time. He knew he was early. He admonished himself to stay calm. He sat at a corner table, far from the crowd, and doubly checked if he had got the gift and roses. He checked his appearance on the glass table and his gaze wandered shyly towards the door.

2- The sun shone brightly and boisterously through the living room curtains. An uneasy silence prevailed over nature as if the Sun was a strict teacher who held everyone captive in his presence. The leaves appeared malnourished as they drooped from the shoulders of the tree, and the birds shrunk deep into their nests to keep themselves cool. People preferred to stay indoors with coolers on rather than venture out.

3- The breeze blew gently creating ripples in the crystal-clear water that stretched as far as one could see. Ken sat on the river bank unmindful of the calm surroundings. He stared ahead and threw the stones absent-mindedly into the water till dark.

4- Bobby let out a startled cry ‘No!’ as he saw the dark liquid in a spoon advancing stealthily towards him. Before he could refuse, it was put in his mouth and a burning sensation engulfed his throat. He squirmed and screamed. He puckered his lips to further convey his disgust. His face contorted and he thought he resembled a ghost. He challenged God to keep his doctor or mother away when he was sick!

5- It was his first week at the boarding school. Keshav looked at the plain walls, bunk beds in the huge dormitory, and the unwelcoming stare of the warden. Tears welled up in his eyes. He imagined his mother opening the door of his home with a smile as he came back from school. When Keshav and his friends refused to include him in their games, his brother’s tantrums no longer seemed irritating. He walked along with the immaculately trimmed gardens in the school compound and his feet almost took him to that swing in his garden on which he and his mother sat every evening. He closed his ears in an attempt to shut out the sounds of the laughter that still rang in his ears. He rushed back to his dormitory and cried into his pillow till daybreak.

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