The Ocean

I look at you from the shore with tear-filled eyes

O mighty ocean! Where is thou strength that all defies?

I can hardly feel your joyful gurgles and youthful grace,

The shy, soothing touch or the tall, majestic face.

I find it odd- you seem to be shrinking with age,

Sometimes you scream, like a bird in a cage.

You can’t stand till the brazen winds lift you high,

The birds that danced on you once, just touch to say goodbye.

Your blissful demeanor is now scathed with muddy imprints

The glorious marine life in your home is now extinct.


O dear ocean! Stay far from those who don’t know your worth,

Or feel free to rage and destroy to show your might and girth.

You are bountiful and endless whom time cannot touch

Never change yourself for someone who fails to admire you such.

Stretch your arms to the waters waiting to be one with you,

The watchful celestial bodies will save and see you through.

You must exist for future generations who have heard your praise

Hope they are abstemious to earn your grace.

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