Created by Christina R Jussaume, this poem called as ‘Spirit’s Vessel’ consists of three stanzas of six lines of six syllables each. It is an ACROSTIC poem where the first letters of the

First stanza read as VESSEL
Second stana read as OFYOUR (without gap)
Third stanza: writer’s choice (6-letter word)… I chose the word ‘Breath’

So if you read the first letters of the three stanzas, it spells as ‘VESSEL OFYOUR BREATH’

Vessel of reverence,

Excited to delight,

Sans any barricade,

Stands tall before Thy door,

Exalted to the core,

Love anointed on it.


OfYour form, which like

Full moonlight, it can see.

Yet, ego conceals Thy

Omnipresence, a large

Umbrella for the kind,

Rewarding those humane!


Breath bows low before Thee,

Rests always at Thy Feet,

Enlightened then, it learns,

Altruism shown always,

Takes away our ego,

Humbled thus, it sees Thee!

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