Who Are You?

Looking out of the water-stained windows

I see the countryside buried in rainy tears,

I vehemently address the sky and ask who are you,

Why have you let our peace flow down the drain?


You come down and enter our lives at your own free will,

Like an uninvited guest disturbing all harmony,

Prying gratuitously into things flowing in a symphony,

Till we acknowledge and change as you wish us to be.


I hear a sneering yet rumbling voice from above

So strong and confident that I can’t ignore

Man! You dare not question my existence

And the roles I play in your life anymore.


Remember! You ought to open doors to somethings

Without questioning or doubting their identity,

As they may change you for the better firmly

Even though you shall struggle for comfort and peace.


I caught the subtle message in that thunderous voice

Think twice before questioning someone in vain,

As every knock and entry carries a purpose,

And those without one will never come again.

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