A Letter to Mom- My Journey from Womb to Womanhood

Dear Mom

I know you will be quite surprised to get my letter. I can already hear a hundred sarcastic remarks coming my way. Ha ha! Yes, I am breaking my own rule, or laziness, as you call it, by sitting down with a pen and paper to write.

As you rightly guessed, I have taken up the task of writing to you after long contemplation. I did not write for so long not because there’s nothing much to write, but because putting so many emotions into a few sentences is difficult.

However, I wanted this letter to be a surprise gift for you on MOTHER’S DAY!

So, here I am! Please put on a brave face till you finish reading my emotional outpourings. And I know you are patient enough to read till the end!

I don’t know why but for the past few days, I have been missing you a lot. Of course, I am reminded of you in so many things I do or happening around me but I am not able to control these overpowering emotions any longer.

I long for your presence, your loving and healing touch, and the oft-repeated tales you share without ever getting mad at me for asking you.

I am clueless about where to begin but here it is……

I remember you once told me an incident of how I was, while in your womb. You said you used to touch me daily on waking up and wish me ‘Good morning’ and I used to respond by softly kicking your belly. You also told me how I used to cringe if anyone except you or Dad used to touch me then. You labeled me as being intelligent right then, which left me bewildered.

Remember, how I laughed at this absurdity!

Now, being a mother myself, I understand your emotions and you were indeed right! A mother knows how her progeny will turn out to be right from her womb.

When I attained motherhood, I used to be so nervous. I refused to touch Aditi at the hospital, thinking that she might slip from my arms or that I couldn’t manage her alone. The new status of ‘Mother’ overwhelmed me and I used to cry for hours on end! And you used to just comfort me in silence. No advice, no preaching! How sublime!

Today, I worship MOTHERHOOD and YOU!

I don’t know if anything exists beyond you.


I remember as a child, I was quite naughty. Once, you told me that I had swallowed a twenty-five paise coin when I was a two-year-old at a function. And all the guests ran helter-skelter in fright trying various methods to get it out of me. Finally, I was fed a lot of bananas and the coin was retrieved in daily ablutions! How hilarious! However, I sensed how worried you had been then.

I also remember my craving for chocolates and sweets, like most children. You were never tired of boasting about how I used to give away whatever I got to my friends or family, including you. But I have known all along, sweetie, how you used to keep your share hidden under my pillow or books for me. You must have sensed my sadness for not having a single treat, ultimately!

There is so much more to tell you, Mom, I hope you are not bored. I can just visualize you holding onto this letter at this late hour. And if I am not wrong, you are reading it in the kitchen, so that Dad doesn’t see your tears.


As I speak of your love, I must say I have never seen you pampering me or my sister anytime. We were guided to make our own beds, wash utensils and try our hand at cooking, however tasteless it may turn out to be!

You were so good at stitching fabrics that we hardly had any fancy readymade clothes to wear as children and even as teenagers. We wore handed-over clothes. Though we sulked and protested, everyone admired us as you always saw to it that we were neatly groomed.

Maybe, you wonder why I am repeating this, but I am shocked by the stark differences in upbringing we see in the present generation compared to ours.

Yes, Mom, it is alarming! As a teacher, I realize it even more.

Somewhere, I am also to blame for pampering Aditi and Shreyas. I know you have pointed it out to me several times. But Mom, times have changed so much.

Earlier, we, as kids, never lost our cool at anything you told us to do or did for us. In fact, it was a kind of entertainment for us as there were no other means of entertainment, except for an occasional movie or trip.

Now, technology, the education system and lifestyle have undergone a drastic change. ‘More’ today is ‘Less’ tomorrow. Hence, kids are bewildered and are under tremendous pressure to keep up with the competition every single day, in order to hold on to their positions in life’s rat race. There is nothing personal or private anymore. I have seen youngsters uploading pictures of their routine activities on social media. Can you believe it?

There’s not a single soul without a phone in their possession! It has become a dire necessity. Homes which once upon a time used to reverberate with chatter and laughter of their members are now silent while phones which we used only in case of emergency ring all the time. What a paradoxical turn life has taken!

A student, who hardly wishes me at school, is now my friend on Facebook!

I have been following your advice and trying to infuse liking and respect for our culture, food, and celebrations in Aditi and Shreyas. I also try to see that they learn the importance of keeping up relationships.

By the way, you will be happy to know that Aditi has taken a liking to celebrating the Navratri festival for nine days and nights. She has learned to draw colorful ‘rangolis’ outside our home and even prepare simple yet different ‘prasad’ for nine days. Shreyas plays the violin as she sings different ‘bhajans’ for Goddess Durga.

Hmm… I can see the wide smile on your face, Mom. Please call her when time permits. I am sure she will be quite thrilled to hear your words of encouragement.

Though everyone around me appreciates me for my values and qualities, I owe every single positive incident that has happened or will happen in my life to you, Mom. You have never preached, only practiced. The values you have created in my life by your actions are just so amazing. And that will see me through for a lifetime.


I know that you lay great importance on education. You were the first lady to graduate in your large joint family. I cherish that graduation picture of yours and salute you, my darling!

You have instilled the same strength and qualities of determination in me. I am proud to be a teacher. I take it as a divine calling. I love my students and they reciprocate it in various ways.

I remember that you were unable to work when I was young. But I have grown up with the batches of children who used to come to you for extra classes. How dedicated you were as a teacher!

And when I started going to college, you urged me to take up some of your classes and teach young minds. I agreed then as it was a source of pocket money for me. But over time, it has taught me to be dedicated, time-bound, independent, and work for a better cause.

I remember you saying, “Never ask others to do what you can do yourself. Push your limits! Never borrow money for spending on yourself. Either you earn it and manage your savings to get what you want or let the needs wait till you are competent enough to get them.”

As a householder, I realize the tremendous truth behind these words.

Though we belonged to a middle-class family, I have never seen you trying to reach for something beyond your limits. You provided me with the best of everything within your reach, so I was never tempted by anything else, except ice cream!


Mom, I have a little secret that I haven’t told you earlier and asked everyone to keep a secret from you as I wanted to tell you this myself on this MOTHER’S DAY!

I am now emerging as a writer. It’s been quite some years since I wanted to try my hand at some serious stuff. Now that my children are grown-up and busy with themselves, I did a course in Creative Writing and in no time, pen, paper, word documents, and other media have become my friends!

I write on a variety of topics, in different genres and try my hand at fiction, non-fiction, poetry etc. I am happy to receive appreciation for my writing from various publishers, websites, friends, and relatives. Hope lazy I can write a novel one day!

I can already visualize your eagerness to read my work. Patience lady! I will make you read it all when we meet. But right here and now, I have written a poem for you, my precious Mom, from the bottom of my heart!

My Search for You

I search for you, dear Mom

Among the verdant greens,

The whispering leaves in our garden

Make me believe you have come.


I search for you, dear Mom

When the fair sky darkens suddenly,

To seek solace in your arms

Which urges me to stay strong.


I search for you, dear Mom

To show you every award I won

And say how much you belong in every success,

As you made the hard work fun!


I search for you, dear Mom,

For you are my eternal friend and guide

Who just holds my hand in trying times

And helps me swim through the tide.


But today, you aren’t around,

To listen to my ramblings,

Yet, to say something I can say to none

I search for you, dear Mom!


With this, I end my rather long letter! Please share some of my love and this letter with Dad too! All the sweetness is not for you alone! (HA! HA!)

Deepest Love to You in this World and Beyond!


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  1. Wow… excellent dear friend…no words to describe my feelings…God bless you 😍

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