Empty Bed- Antonym of Sleep

I shudder going into my bedroom

Where an empty bed bears testimony,

To the good-byes for being that indolent groom

Who is now waited upon for a huge alimony.


The sweet wailings of a new-born haunt the place,

Along with off-beat lullabies sung to quieten it.

The smiles and sweet nothings have lost the race,

In place of loved ones, their painful memories sit.


Sleep, which eagerly waited and hugged me unselfishly,

Now, hides in the dark corners and rarely touches me

As I lie lost to the night that trickles out slowly,

And caress the silhouettes that form beside me.


A silent prayer crosses my brooding heart,

Never punish someone with words unsaid,

If love before life chooses to depart,

Lead me to the grave than an empty bed!

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