Spring Bloom

Like a rich garment on a fair bride

Like a multi-hued artwork on a bright canvas

Like a dash of makeup on an excited child

The Spring has spread its bloom with elegant finesse.


The barren trees stand overwhelmed with joy

Speechless at the newly sprouting buds and leaves

Like a long-awaiting parent who sees her little boy

Nestling in her arms, little fingers holding her sleeves.


It’s time for the frozen wings to bask in the sunshine

For earth to feel the blessed bliss that nature can bring

For the sky to envy its own reflection in waters fine

The time to witness unbridled love is indeed Spring!


Soft petals of Spring blooms caress many a seething heart

The rustling wind arouses memories and

A thousand dreamy fancies in a busy being start

Like fresh dew on blades of grass, tears of joy on one’s cheek land!

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