A Love Tree

She planted a seed of love in her heart,

When she was just ten and two,

She watered it daily without restraint,

And in no time, it unabashedly grew.


Into an all-encompassing tree,

With myriad flowers and leaves new.

None ever met sadness, knew any gloom,

For the love tree in her was in full bloom.


An angel then struck a heavenly arrow,

That caused a few flowers to fall.

Love bled unwittingly from her good heart,

She poured it out freely, not for one but all.


A fair lady with an evergreen heart,

She was thus, endearingly looked upon.

With age which never became barren,

And flowers and fruits of love grew on and on.


Remember, a love tree can’t be shaken or broken,

Or uprooted by a tumultuous external force.

If a loving soul has trust in oneself to hold it,

Doesn’t then harden or weaken at the source.




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