A Star named Alexander- Ballad

Somewhere in North Serbia,

Lived a little boy Alexander

Who was overcome with hysteria

When his parents worked yonder.


Never did he eat, never did he sleep

Just looked out of his little house

And morn to night only did weep

So got nicknamed ‘Weepy Mouse’


Boys in the nearby farm

Tried calling him out to play

Outside air did none any harm

They tried in vain to say.


But the little boy Alexander

Closeted in his little house

Just looked sadder and sadder

Indeed, like a white, weepy mouse.


Once, he gazed at the night sky

There, saw a family of brilliant stars

Gazed upon by many a passer-by

Shining like a moon with no scars.


There appeared a lone star

Hardly seen from below

Aloof like Alexander

No, it didn’t put up a good show.


Alexander looked at it for long

Suddenly, suddenly struck upon an idea new

Thought he was wrong all along

Like him, there were none, or maybe just a few.


A lone star has no audience

Its brilliance is hardly seen

He then got some sense

And changed from what he had been.


Alexander not ‘Weepy Mouse’ anymore

He didn’t stay alone any longer

Never seen him like this, everyone swore

Even his parents who came from yonder.


Alexander looked at the brilliant stars

Shining, smiling upon him

He said, ‘I intend no farce’

I turned like you, ain’t no longer grim.

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