Blessed Love

My poem published in Valentine’s Day Anthology compiled and edited by Dr. Sonia Gupta-eminent writer and author

Blessed Love

The gentle breeze causes a flutter in my heart,

The warmth of the Sun touches my core,

As I ponder on the past, sitting by the shore,

I think of our love as an incredible piece of art.

A design made by God that changes our destiny,

An intricate masterpiece that keeps us close,

Faith and happiness form its very source,

Which draws from nature its infinite beauty.


I wish our love thrives beyond our lives

And grows stronger with every season,

That, which cannot be shaken by time or human,

Beyond every doubt and dilemma, it survives.

My joy at this thought knows no bounds,

I see myself in your lovely, deep-set eyes,

It is my home for which I can’t set a price

I wish to dwell there and never be found!

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