The Love Path

This poem of mine is published in an Anthology for Valentine’s day by Dr. Sonia Gupta-eminent writer and author.

Is there a way that leads me away from thee?

If anyone finds one, do enlighten me.

I am so lost in the sweet intoxications of love,

That finding that way, no longer matters to me.


For you reside in every corner I frequent,

And in every unassailable task, I attempt.

Leading me to unimaginable destinations,

Am wonderstruck by the goodness, God has sent.


Be it angry waves crashing against the shore,

Or the lyrical ballads of ancient lore,

All seem to sing similar songs of love,

I mix it with my breath and into you, I pour.


If by fate, you are the chosen one for me

How do I deny God’s honoured decree?

If way upon way in life leads to you, my angel,

Maybe Death has a path, that leads me away from thee!


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