Harvest Time -Swap Quatrain

Theme- Harvest Festival

Swap Quatrain

Created by Lorraine M. Kanter, swap quatrain is a 4-line poetry form wherein the first line is reversed in the fourth line. It follows the AABB,CCDD, EEFF (and so on) rhyming scheme. There is no syllable count restriction.

Swaying in harmony, the golden grain,

Their whistles of joy a haunting refrain,

Happy in their realms, a crowd for company,

The golden grain, swaying in harmony.


A mature child now, much to a farmer’s delight,

From unpretentious beginnings to a future bright,

It’s time now to gather the labours of love,

Much to a farmer’s delight, a mature child now.


The ploughs now rest, seeing rich rewards reap,

Decorated with praise for the promises they keep,

Succulent strands, satisfy a hungry soul, so blessed,

Seeing the rich rewards reap, the ploughs now rest.

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