Let Me Run Without A Care – Wrapped Refrain

Wrapped Refrain

Created by Jan Turner, wrapped refrain consists of two or more stanzas of six lines each. It follows a 8, 8, 8, 8, 12, 12 meter and a rhyming scheme of a, a, b, b, c, c.

Refrain rule: In each stanza the first 4 syllables (or 4 single-syllable words) in the first line must be the last 4 syllables (or 4 single-syllable words) at the end of the last line.

Note: The first stanza refrain and last stanza refrain can be joined (or loosely joined) together for the title of the poem.


Let me run free on paths I choose

Looking at nature’s abstract hues,

Spanking lanky grass in the fields

That waltz to the tune of soft breeze.

The naughty squirrel and fragile flies I must see

To paint my lips with wild berries, let me run free.


Without a care, I watch the brook

Catch little fishes in the nook.

I grieve not if the sky turns grey,

Nature’s whims can’t ruin my play.

The shackles of serfdom my mind wishes to tear

And breathe free till I cease to be…. without a care.

Poet’s notes: The above poem symbolizes the child within us. Every living creature in this world is caught up in something or someone. This bondage can be sweet or acidic. But it must not kill the child within us. Engulfed by nostalgia, we think of the times we ran free. Life comes to a full circle and we want the same freedom. We must give space and time to the child in us and try to live without a care.

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