#Pocket Poem 8-Ida’s Sunshade

Ida’s sunshade is a form of poetry that when centered, the poem looks like a parasol or an umbrella.

The number of syllables are represented by x. Take a look!
xxxxxxxx (8)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (15)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (22)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (22)
xxxx (4)
xxxx (4)
xxxxxx (6)

The memories of rainy days,

Make the racing hours stand still and gaze keenly into the past,

At those times, when we gathered around the tiny fireplace and shared tales until they would last.

The film songs sung to the music of the rain are now mindful ringtones for which there’s no proof.

The wet days can

Drench my lost soul

If childhood comes again!

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