He stood clutching the ticket in his wet palms,

Looking acrimoniously at the merry crowd on the ride

Feeling their adrenaline rush as they zoomed

In and out of sight as others watched with pride.


His invisible torment rose and ebbed with every turn

As he inched closer to it with ‘devils’ who dared to go,

He wished for a miraculous escape route to open

On which he can travel unseen, against the flow.


He dwelled unconsciously among the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’

Till the colourful gates slammed behind him in a trice,

He yearned for someone to take his trembling hand,

And not sneer at his muffled cries of fright.


Having closed his eyes to the sky, now below,

And his ears to a wildly thumping chest

He felt his breath reach unexplored spaces

To soothe his warring nerves, it tried its best.


Soon, a whiff of freshness filled every strained pore

Urged him to open his eyes, then realize the truth

We triumph when we cross boundaries drawn by fear,

The absence of fear in anyone is just a myth.

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