Yours Truly, Sasha

As a part of a contest, we were asked to write a 500-word story about a human with characteristics of an animal/bird/reptile. And I chose the otter. Hope you like it!

The gurgling sound of the rivulet flowing through the rocks at the foothills of the mountains, the ochre-tinted sky, and the muted sound of the birds and animals as they settled down to rest, signalled the end of yet another busy day for everyone in Dhauni village.

But peace and restfulness hardly touched Mr. Briar’s household!

Sasha was nowhere to be found!

Cries of “Sasha! Sasha! Answer if you hear us,” rent the air.

A few animals came out of their homes, irritated at the humans who dared to roam around at odd times, disturbing their peace.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this was an oft-repeated occurrence. But each time Sasha went missing, everyone was frantically searching for her.

Even today the search party comprising Mr. Briar, a few villagers and guards moved into the wilderness.


Mr. Briar and his family had moved into the forest officer’s bungalow about six months back. Mr. and Mrs. Briar were the official guardians of Sasha, their eleven-year-old niece, since her parents died in an accident.

Sasha was the most energetic, sociable kid one had ever seen!

Her main attraction was playing in or near the water sources. Her excitement on seeing a waterfall or stream where she could jump in and splash around for ages was infectious.

How like an otter I saw in the marshes of Tigris a few years back!

Mr. Briar often thought along these lines. Within a month of their arrival there, Sasha had made friends with almost all the village children.

“Dhawan! Tara!” she cried in glee, “Come! Jump into the water!”

She went door to door and spoke with the young and old for hours. Sometimes, even with pets! Her laughter resounded through the thin brick walls of the houses, causing the whole village to vibrate with positive energy.

“Sir, where is Sasha?”

“Sir, my mother has cooked something special for Sasha. Will she come today to my house?”

These questions were often on everyone’s lips when the Briars met up with the residents of the village.



Today, an eerie feeling of despondency crossed Mr. Briar’s heart. Normally, Sasha would reply after a few calls. But today, the darkness which engulfed the forest area stealthily, threatened to play with his emotions.

“Uncle! Here!” a familiar muffled, drained voice near the waterfall, was enough for the search party to rush there.

With the help of fire torches, they could see that Sasha, fully drenched and shivering in cold, was standing on the edge of a rock near the Tanjung waterfall, holding on to something.

A tiny hand was all they could see!

A five-member gang jumped onto the rock and pushed her safely out. They pulled out a semi-conscious Arjun, who had almost slipped and drifted into the waterfall.


Six months later, when Sasha won the President’s Medal on Republic Day for her grit and bravery, she addressed the gathering with her usual cheer.

“If not with you, I am for you. Yours Truly, Sasha!”


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